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Rendezvous with Ray Comprehension Questions

Hi Friends! Are you searching for Rendezvous with Ray Possible comprehension questions? You are at the right place. I hope These Some Possible Rendezvous with Ray Comprehension Questions are Useful to you.
Rendezvous with Ray Possible Comprehension Questions
Rendezvous with Ray Comprehension
I. Answer the following questions.
1. What did Ray's detractors accuse him of? Did Roberge agree to their accusation? If not, why?
2. 'I didn't come here to convert. In fact, I am the one who got converted.' Who said these words?           What different shades of meanings do you find in the words of the speaker?
3. Roberge took nine years to meet Ray in person after joining St. Xavier's college. Why did he take       so long time? What would you do if you were in his place?

4. How was Ray perceived by the outsiders? Was this perception true of Ray's real character?
5. What is meant by the line, 'Ray took off where Tagore signed out.' What was Ray searching for?
6. How did Roberge try to take 'Chitrabani' forward? How did 'Chitrabani' help film-making in               Bengali?
7. The theme of ' Rendezvous with Ray' is... [Tick any two options]
a.       To explain the efforts of Chitrabani.
b.      To picturize the illustrious life of Ray.
c.       To explain the experiences of Roberge with Ray
8. Who was Roberge? How was he acquainted with the works of Ray?
9. Who compiled the book, “Satyajit Ray, Essays: 1970-2005”? What is the central idea of it?
10. How did Roberge come to know about Bengal in his youth? What was his first portal too west            Bengal?
11. What kind of person was Ray as perceived by Roberge?

12. What was the greatest  mark of appreciation of Rau for Roberge?
13. Write an incident that shows us Ray’s humane concern.
14. Why did Roberge say”....... no one is a prophet in one’s own country”?

Some More Additional Comprehension Questions Of  Rendezvous with Ray
1. Who is Satyajit Ray?

2. Who was the French-canadian priest?

3. Who had a singular impact on Bengali films?

Who was acquainted with the works of Satyajit Ray through Apu trilogy?

4. Who saw all the three films in one sitting?

5. What was the book written by Gaston Roberge?
6. Who began his long lasting love affair with the people of India?
7. Where was Manohar publications located?
8. In which year Roberge came to India?
9. Who said the words, ”I did not come here to convert. In fact, I am the one who got converted.”?
10. After how many years did Roberge met Satyajit Ray?
11. In which college did Roberge join?
12. Why Roberge joined in St.Xavier`s college?
13.How many years did their friendship last?
14.In which year did Ray die?
15. What was the nick name of Ray?
16. Where did the friends meet on every Sunday?
17. “Ray took off where Tagore signed out.” What does it mean?
18. What was the book written by Tagore in the beginning of World War –II?
19. In which situations he felt shy?
20. Which screenplay was missed?
21. Who were the tow best friends in this lesson?
22. What made Gaston Roberge to see Apu trilogy at one sitting itself?
23. What was the native place of Roberge?
24. Why did Roberge begin a long lasting love affair with Bengali cinema?
25. What was Roberge`s latest book about?
26. Who published Ray Essays?
27. In this lesson, Who told about whom?
28. When did Roberge arrive to India?
29. What does the word `Trilogy` mean?
30. Satyajit Ray belongs to which film industry?
31. Did Ray sell the India`s poverty to the west?
32. According to Ray, which is more deplorable than material poverty?
33. Which element struck Ray the most?
34. Why did Roberge come here?
35. For what process, He came to India?
36. “I didn`t come here to convert. In fact, I`m the one who got converted.” What does these lines reflect?
37. Why did Roberge join in St.Xavier`s college?
38 .How many years did Roberge take to meet Ray after reaching Calcutta?
39. When did Ray pass away?
40. What does Roberge want to say, when he meets Ray in person?
41. What was the reason behind their close friendship?
42. What kind of friendship do they develop?
43. By which name, Ray was affectionately called by his friends?
44. How does Ray behave with outsiders?
45. What was Ray in reality?
46. Where did Ray reside?
47. For which occasions, Ray invited Roberge?
48. How did Ray feel, when he received compliments from others?

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