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Tuesday 20 April 2021

Framing ‘WH’ Questions Worksheet

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Framing ‘WH’ Questions Worksheet For Class - 10 English, After practicing Framing ‘WH’ Questions, Please do share it with your friends.  

Framing ‘WH’ Questions Worksheet For Class - 10 English
Framing ‘WH’ Questions Worksheet For Class - 10 English

Sunday 13 August 2017

A Tale Of Three Villages Comprehensions

1. Why were the large empty drums placed outside Mr. Nana's house?
2. What harm can the pyramid of identical drums cause to the villagers?
3. Why was the Chief smiling as the lorries drove away?
4. Was Thomas Agonyo correct in his findings? Justify your opinion.
5. Why didn't the people move from their place?

Wednesday 5 July 2017

Study Material And Summary Of My Life By Helen Keller Class 10th CBSE

Introduction Of My Life By Helen Keller
I. Early Childhood Of Helen Keller: Helen Adams Keller was born on 27 June 1880 in Tuscumbia, a small town in Alabama, United States of America. His family comes from Switzerland. His grandfather bought vast tracts of land in Alabama and finally settled down there. His father, Arthur H. Keller, had been a captain in the Confederate army. 
Summary Of My Life By Helen Keller

The Dear Departed Summary And Analysis

The play "The Dear Departed" presents an interesting situation that tragically becomes a common place in the world today. The scene of the play is placed in the living room of a small house in a lower middle class neighborhood of a provincial town. 
Summary Of The Dear Departed Class 10th
Summary Of The Dear Departed Class 10th

Monday 5 June 2017

Summary and Analysis of The Seven Ages of Man by William Shakespeare

The poem begins with life compared to an immense scene where we are only actors. Each person has an entry into the world at birth and leaves it to death.

According to Shakespeare, each man plays several parts during his life. On the stage of life, every man has seven acts. The first act of man is childhood. At this point, everything the baby does is cry and vomit on her nurse's knee. After passing through his childhood, he emerges like a schoolboy who hangs his bag on his shoulder and slips most involuntarily into school.
summary of Seven Ages of Man
summary of Seven Ages of Man

Sunday 14 May 2017

Summary of The Frog and The Nightingale by Vikram Seth

The frog and the  Nightingale is idyllic tale with a parody on the human conduct. The sonnet begins with the frog that sat under a Sumac tree and croaked throughout the night in a boisterous and disagreeable voice right from nightfall to first light. Every one of the animals despised his voice. Their grumblings, abuse and brickbats couldn't prevent him from croaking unshakably. Nothing could smash his assurance.

At that point, one night a  Nightingale came flying and sat on the branch of Sumac tree. She began singing in her pleasant voice. They all got totally immersed in the songbirds' tune and continued taking a gander at the sumac tree where the Nightingale was sitting. Ducks and herons swam towards the Sumac tree to hear the songbird serenade. Some desolate animal even sobbed listening to her melody.
Summary of The Frog and The Nightingale NCERT Class 10

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