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Saturday 3 April 2021

Summary of The Thief's Story Ruskin Bond

Hi Friends in this post, I am explaining Thief's Story Summary Class 10 English By Ruskin BondRuskin Bond's Thief's Story is more than a thief tale. The story focuses on basic human values and relationships. It is easier for a thief to stutter a greedy man. It is difficult, even for a thief, to harass a careless and honest person. A young boy befriends Anil. 

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Summary of A Triumph of Surgery

Hi Friends in this post, I am explaining A Triumph of Surgery Summary. Mr. Pumphrey was a wealthy and emotional woman who had a Tricky Cut Dog. She loved him so much that she always overfed him. As a result, Tricki had gained a lot of weight and therefore became lethargic. When Doctor Herriot saw the fat, he was shocked. Then he made a plan and told Mrs. Pumphrey that Tricki had to undergo treatment for the disease in the hospital.
A Triumph of Surgery Summary
A Triumph of Surgery Summary

Sunday 14 May 2017

Summary of The Frog and The Nightingale by Vikram Seth

The frog and the  Nightingale is idyllic tale with a parody on the human conduct. The sonnet begins with the frog that sat under a Sumac tree and croaked throughout the night in a boisterous and disagreeable voice right from nightfall to first light. Every one of the animals despised his voice. Their grumblings, abuse and brickbats couldn't prevent him from croaking unshakably. Nothing could smash his assurance.

At that point, one night a  Nightingale came flying and sat on the branch of Sumac tree. She began singing in her pleasant voice. They all got totally immersed in the songbirds' tune and continued taking a gander at the sumac tree where the Nightingale was sitting. Ducks and herons swam towards the Sumac tree to hear the songbird serenade. Some desolate animal even sobbed listening to her melody.
Summary of The Frog and The Nightingale NCERT Class 10

Sunday 26 February 2017

Oh I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth Summary 9th Class

The poem begins with a regret from the poet who wishes that she had cared for her teeth when she had been eating too many toffees, sweet sticky food and gobstoppers. She wishes that she had taken care of her teeth and had spotted the perils under it while brushing. She also wishes that she had more tooth than filling and she had bought something harmless with her money apart from the sweets.
   Oh I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth By Pam Ayres Summary Class 9
Oh I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth Summary

Study Material {Summary} of Song of the Rain NCERT Class 9

Summary of the Poem Song of the Rain
The poem is written in the first person, and the rain itself is the orator. It is described as something divine and characteristic of the gods.
Rain is a divine gift of God and it is very blessed for the dry and needy earth. One of the most divine manifestations of nature, it spreads joy and freshness all around. He embellishes, adorns and raises fields, trees, flowers and spreads life everywhere. Its droplets are like shimmering pearls and jewels of the crown of God. It gives joy in all its forms, the thunder announces its arrival and the rainbow signifies its departure. 
Song of the Rain Kahlil Gibran Short Notes
Song of the Rain Kahlil Gibran Study material and Summary

Villa For Sale By Sacha Guitry Summary

Juliette wants to sell her villa, but is really disappointed that no potential customer has walked that way. The sign "for sale" has been there for a month, but the villa did not seem to interest anyone. Juliette confesses to her servant that she was so far-fetched that she would do anything to snatch the unfortunate place from her. She begins to doubt that it is reasonable to ask two hundred thousand francs. 
VILLA FOR SALE By Sacha Guitry short notes
VILLA FOR SALE By Sacha Guitry Study Material and SUMMARY

Summary of The Bishop's Candlesticks  By Norman Mckinnel 

The plot of the work revolves around a story that brings up themes of religious virtues such as love and redemption. The play dramatically describes how the bishop's love and compassion provoked a change of heart in a convict and made him a man of promise for a good life. The Bishop was a kind man, that being a true Christian was also an ardent humanist. He was willing to sacrifice everything to help people in need. 
The Bishop's Candlesticks By Norman Mckinnel Study Material and Summary
The Bishop's Candlesticks By Norman Mckinnel Study Material and Summary 

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