Tuesday 13 July 2021

Hardly --when Worksheet

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Hardly --when Exercise, After practicing Hardly --when Worksheet, Please do share it with your friends.
Hardly --when Exercise
Hardly --when Exercise

Hardly --when Exercise

I) As soon as she met her father, she started crying. 

She had hardly met her father when she started crying. 

2) No sooner had the reliel team arrived there than their joy knew no bounds. 

The reliel team had hardly arrived there when their joy knew no bounds. 

3) As soon as they arrived at their destinations, the rain poured down. 

They had hardly arrived at their destinations when the rain poured down. 

4) I put the phone down. It rang again. 

I had hardly put the phone down when it rang again. 

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5) I arrived at the station. Then the bus came in. 

I had hardly arrived at the station when the bus came in. 

6) I closed the door. Somebody knocked again. 

I had hardly closed the door when somebody knocked agaln. 

7) She finished the meal. She started feeling hungry again. 

She had hardly finished the meal when she started feeling hungry again. 


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