Monday 31 October 2016

The Brave Potter Possible Comprehension Questions | Unit-2-C

Hi Friends! Are you searching for The brave potter Possible Comprehension questions? You are at the right place. I hope These The brave potter Comprehension Questions are Useful to you.

1.Why did the old tiger run for shelter?
2.What did the tiger think the mysterious creature was?       
3.What made the potter angry? What made him more angrier?
4.Why did he allow himself bound around the neck with a thick rope?
5.Pick out the word that means ‘to fall asleep’
6.How was the old hut in the forest?
7.Who was ‘he’? Why was he wet and cold?
8.Why did the woman complain about the leak?
9.What was the leak according to the tiger?
10.Why was the tiger tired?
11.Who said these words? Why?
The Brave Potter Possible Comprehension Questions

The Brave Potter Possible Comprehension Questions

12.What was the mysterious creature actually?
13.How did the tiger know which way to go home while the potter riding it?
14.At the same time it scolded, cursed and kicked the poor tiger.Who does ’it’ refer to?
15.Why did the potter go to the forest?
16.Why do you think the potter didn’t recognize the tiger?
17.What happened to the potter when he saw the tiger under the tree?
18.Nobody believed the potter’s story about the donkey. Why?
19.Why the king of the potter’s country needed a hero?
20.How did the king come to know about the brave potter?
21.Why was the king pleased to see the potter?
22.Who helped the potter to become the great and brave potter?
23.Why did the king make the potter the General of the army?
24.Why did the horse jumped while tying the rope?

25.Why was the enemy’s camp deserted?
26.Why didn’t the potter need to ride a horse again?
27.Do you think that the potter is really brave or lucky? Give your reasons.
28.What is the most humorous and thrilling incident in the story?
29.Write the incident and say why it is humorous and thrilling.
30.Why was the crowd cheerful?
31.Why do you think the country peaceful for the potter’s rest of life?
32.If you were the potter what would you do when the king made you


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