Saturday 22 October 2016

The Dear Departed - II Comprehension Questions SSC {10th}

Hi Friends! Are you searching for The Dear Departed - II Possible comprehension questions? You are at the right place. I hope These Possible The Dear Departed - II Comprehension Questions are Useful to you.
The Dear Departed - II Possible Comprehension Questions
The Dear Departed - II Comprehension
1. Justify the view that the husbands of Mrs. Slater and Mrs. Jordan are men with no individuality.
2. Discuss the irony in the title 'The Dear Departed'.
3. List the arguments the two sisters gave to keep their father in their care.
4. How does the spat between old man's daughters lead to father discovering the truth?

5. List the comic elements in the play 'The Dear Departed'.
6. In what way is the play 'The Dear Departed' a commentary on the hollowness of human relationships?
7. What are the three things that the father plans to do on Monday next? What effect does it have on       his daughters?
8. Compare and contrast Henry”s character with Mrs. Slater’s?
9. How do both the sisters quarrel after father asks Mrs. Slater why had his bureau been shifted?
10. What message doe ‘The Dear Departed” convey?y and why?
11. Who does Abel Merryweather decide to marry and why?

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