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Summary Of How I Taught My Grandmother to Read Class 10

Character Sketch 
Sudha Murty: The Authoress is a twelve year old child. She has been living with her grandparents in a town of north Karnataka. Her grandma is uneducated along these lines, she used to peruse a novel serial that consistently distributed in a week by week magazine to her grandma. Later, she showed her grandma to peruse Kannada letter set. 

Krishtakka: The Authoress' grandma, is an ignorant lady as she never went to class. She couldn't read claim so she used to listen the novel serial by her granddaughter and after she talk about the story with her companions. She was absolutely a religious lady and exclusively devoted herself to god. Later, she learnt to peruse Kannada letter set with the help her granddaughter. 
Summary Of How I Taught My Grandmother to Read

How I Taught My Grandmother to Read Short Notes

The Authoress was twelve years of age and she used to remain with her grandparents in north Karnataka. Since there were not very many preoccupations, the whole family would energetically sit tight for a week by week magazine called Karamveera. This magazine was distributed celebrated author Triveni's novel, 'Kashi Yatre' as a serial. 

The novel managed the hero's battle to visit Kashi. Since grandma put stock in Kashi-Yatra as a journey, she could relate to the hardships of the primary characters. Each Wednesday, the writer would read the following scene of the story to her. 

The grandma would listen with extraordinary consideration as well as retain it by heart. Later she would talk about it with companions in the sanctuary patio. 

summary of how i taught my grandmother to read class 9

One day The Authoress needed to go to the neighboring town for a cousin's wedding and remained back there for a week. When she returned, she was amazed to see her grandma in tears. Around evening time, the grandma described how her past life, sustaining and raising kids, kept her caught up with, saving no time for instruction of any sort. Also, instruction for young ladies was not considered as essential back then. Without the granddaughter, she had an intense time attempting to disentangle and figure the following scene of 'Kashi Yatre'. She had felt extremely edgy and vulnerable, mutely looking at the photos, not able to peruse a solitary word. 

How I Taught My Grandmother to Read Summary

This episode fanned the grandma's craving to take in the Kannada letters in order and she promised to learn it by Dassera. The granddaughter's supplications, her joke of the grandma's age, all failed to receive any notice. No big surprise, the grandma turned out to be a perfect understudy. Right away, she could read, rehash and compose Kannada. The creator gave her a duplicate of the novel 'Kashi Yatre' as a token of thankfulness and grandma touched the feet of her granddaughter, her instructor, as a befitting tribute.


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