Wednesday 2 November 2016

Write the Right Form of the words given in brackets in the blanks

1. Don’t displease your elders; their ---------------              will harm you. (displeasure)
2. He behaved badly with everybody; he was sent out of school for his bad --------------.             (behaviour)      
3. We will inform you as soon as we get the complete ----------------- . (information)       
4. Rain interrupted the match many times; the game was disrupted because of these -----
--------- . (interruption) 
5. Madhu has a good memory. He can -------------- any lesson in a few minutes.                         (memorise)       

6. It was very kind of you to help us, we are grateful to you for your -------------- .                        (kindness)          
7. The boys developed their standard. We appreciated for their ----------------------- .                   (development)     
8. We celebrated the golden Jubilee function of the school on a grand scale. The ----------          was marvellous. (celebration)     
Using Right Form / Correct Form Of The Word

Using Right Form / Correct Form Of The Word In Brackets

9. He did not die of natural causes. His ------------              not natural. (death)
10 .Mr.Ravi was elected to the Assembly but the --------------- was not legal. (election)
11. The poet compares music to light swirling snow. His --------------- is very apt.                            (comparison)    
12. You can consult the doctor at any time. He is always available for ---------------             .           (consultation)
13. Our Headmaster guides us in all matters. We work under his ------------ . (guidance)
14. Pallavi is able to do this sum. His         ---------------- is known to us. (ability)

15. Kiran is very selfish, nobody likes him because of his -----------             . (Selfishness)
16. He is an honest man, this year he got an award for his -------------- .  (honesty)
17. There are many to advise but only a few can give good -------------- .                (advice)
18. My friend ----------------         (ready) agreed to go with me to the movie. (readily)
19. He wants to leave urgently, but his principal does not seem to understand his ----------     
20. The whole atmosphere in the village was filled with smoke. Most houses had dark and
      ------------------ rooms. (smoky)          

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