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Class 10 CBSE English Literature Reader Fiction "The Letter" Summary

"The Letter" is a touching story of Ali who is in solitude and sits tight for his lone girl's letter for five long years. He gets that letter just at his grave.

Coachman Ali was a splendid seeker  who got delight from the dread of the withering flying creatures. In any case, his girl abhorred his barbarous chasing wish. After his little girl's marriage, he was allowed to sit unbothered. His little girl, Miriam left home with her significant other, a warrior in a regiment in Punjab. Having comprehended the significance of adoration and partition, he could no longer appreciate the shouts of biting the dust fowls. Hence, he quit chasing.

From that point forward, he had been frequently going to mail station in the early morning expecting a letter from his little girl Miriam. Notwithstanding, it did come and he returned home frustrated. The mail station staffs regularly ridiculed him. The assistant even got out his name; tongue in cheek even there was no letter for him. All of a sudden, for a few days, Ali did not go to the mail station. Everybody was interested to know the explanation for this.
Summary of The Letter NCERT Class 10

Finally, he came. In any case, now it was troublesome for him even to inhale and there were clear indications of his nearing passing. At long last, he met the post ace and approached him for Miriam's letter. The post ace reprimanded Ali since he was extremely occupied. Thus, Ali called an agent and gave him five brilliant guineas and requesting that he convey his letter, in the event that it would come, to his grave. At that point he gradually left him and was not seen by any one after that.

short summary of the letter by dhumaketu class 10

One day, the post ace's girl fell sick and he was on edge to get notification from her. He looked for the letter from his girl from the heap of letters and grabbed a letter of the name he anticipated. It was tended to "Coachman Ali". Presently he understood about his slip-up. He called Lakshmi Das, an assistant and requesting that he discover Ali. That day he didn't get his letter and concluded that he would hand over Ali's letter independent from anyone else.

In the mail station, the following morning he opened the entryway and saw Ali inclining toward a stay with tears in his eyes. His eyes had a light so unearthly that the post ace was terrified. Be that as it may, abruptly he vanished. Lakshmi Das, the assistant was stunned to hear the postmaster get out the name of Coachman Ali who had now been dead for three months. The letter was found close to the entryway. Lakshmi Das educates him concerning his last meeting with Ali to persuade him.

The Letter Class 10 - NCERT Summary

That night them two went to put the letter on Ali's grave. The post ace apologized for his mentality and suspected that he ought to have been more thoughtful and accommodating towards Ali. He was no more drawn out testy as he was at the outset.


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