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Summary of Lord Ullin's Daughter  NCERT Class 9th

Summary of Poem Lord Ullin's Daughter
The poem "The daughter of Lord Ullin" is a ballad that tells the tragic story of two unhappy lovers whose story ends in a tragedy.
Study Material and Summary of Lord Ullin's Daughter NCERT Class 9th
Study Material and Summary of Lord Ullin's Daughter NCERT Class 9th

A Scottish chef from the island of Ulva falls in love with Lord Ullin's daughter. Lord Ullin was simply disgusted with the alliance, so that the lovers escaped to escape Lord Ullin's anger. The lovers are hunted on horseback by Lord Ullin and his men. The lovers reach the shore of a tempestuous sea. The chief asked the boatman to row them to the other side. 

Lord Ullin's Daughter Summary and Study Material

He told the boatman that he and his beloved would not be left alive if the boatman did not help them. The boatman is reluctant at first because of the storm in the sea. Later, he agrees to undertake the deadly journey because he is impressed by the beauty of the girl. He also rejects the offer of the chief of a pound of silver.
As the boat enters the tempestuous waters, the storm becomes more ferocious, the waves rise very high. Soon the storm becomes more ferocious and the waves threaten. The forced wind and the raging water run down the boat. 

Lord Ullin's daughter raises a hand to help and puts the other arm around her lover. Meanwhile, Lord Ulllin arrives on the shore, and watches helplessly as his daughter perishes in the raging water before his eyes. His appeal "to come back" and a promise of forgiveness proves useless because the lovers perish in the sea. Lord Ullin is full of remorse and regret, but it proves useless after his dear daughter's death.


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