Sunday 13 August 2017

A Tale Of Three Villages Comprehensions

1. Why were the large empty drums placed outside Mr. Nana's house?
2. What harm can the pyramid of identical drums cause to the villagers?
3. Why was the Chief smiling as the lorries drove away?
4. Was Thomas Agonyo correct in his findings? Justify your opinion.
5. Why didn't the people move from their place?

6. There is a repetition of sentences with 'some' in the passage. Read the passage again and write down the sentences and the function of 'some' in each one of them. Do you find any other repetitions in the passage? If yes, mention it.
7. The people in this village were affected by chemical factories. Where, in your opinion, should the factories be built?
8. If it is necessary to build factories near the villages, what precautions should be taken to keep the villagers safe?
9. The narrator said at the end, "There is so much they didn't tell you, I thought"-what was that so much that was not told, according to you?
10. What measures should the government have taken when the nuclear reactor was installed beside the village?
11. What havoc can radioactive dust cause?
12. Pick out the words/expressions/images that describe the tragedy caused by the radioactive dust.


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