Thursday 6 August 2020

My Mother Comprehension Questions

Read My Mother Comprehension and share My Mother Comprehension questions with your children and friends.
My Mother Comprehension Class - 8 English
My Mother Comprehension Class - 8 English

Comprehension of My Mother 

1. What happens in the autumn season? Which reminds the poet of his mother?
2. What do you think the poet's mother did with the shiuli flowers?
3. When did the poet's mother hum the song?
4. Why do you think the poet does not remember his mother?
5. Does te poet recall the tune of his mother's song?
6. What do you think of "the scent of morning service in the temple?"
7. What does he remind when he looks at the sky?
8. What does the poet do when he remembers his mother?
9. What reminds him of his mother?
10. When did his mother hum that song?


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