Thursday 13 May 2021

A Crow and An Eagle Bedtime Kids Story

Hi friends! Are you searching for Bed Time Moral Story? You are at the right place to read Moral Stories here. In this post, I have written A Crow and An Eagle Bedtime Moral Story.
A Crow and An Eagle Bedtime Moral Story

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Once upon a time a crow lived on the banyan tree. Every day he would look at the acts of eagle and wonder. The eagle was used to inhabit on a large tree growing atop of the mountain. From there he would swoop and grab the rabbit and fly to the nest again for his food.

Crowe was amazed by the tricks of the eagle.

One day, he was so excited that he wanted to imitate like an eagle. So he flew as high as he could. From there, he started to swoop down towords to the rabbit. He came down further. But alas, he could not control himself and moreover he fell to the ground and broke his beak.

Moral : Thoughtless imitation will end in danger.

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