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Summary of The Frog and The Nightingale by Vikram Seth

The frog and the  Nightingale is idyllic tale with a parody on the human conduct. The sonnet begins with the frog that sat under a Sumac tree and croaked throughout the night in a boisterous and disagreeable voice right from nightfall to first light. Every one of the animals despised his voice. Their grumblings, abuse and brickbats couldn't prevent him from croaking unshakably. Nothing could smash his assurance.

At that point, one night a  Nightingale came flying and sat on the branch of Sumac tree. She began singing in her pleasant voice. They all got totally immersed in the songbirds' tune and continued taking a gander at the sumac tree where the Nightingale was sitting. Ducks and herons swam towards the Sumac tree to hear the songbird serenade. Some desolate animal even sobbed listening to her melody.
Summary of The Frog and The Nightingale NCERT Class 10

What is the summary of the poem "The Frog And The Nightingale" by Vikram Seth 

The whole occasion left the frog extremely envious and he chose to dispose of this new adversary, the Nightingale. The following night, when the unobtrusive winged creature arranged to sing, the plotting frog intruded. He acted like a music commentator and said that the system was fine, obviously, however it did not have a specific constrain. The ruling frog told the Nightingale she should not brag about her ability. 

He additionally said that he could give her preparation to make her champ else she would dependably remain a learner. The Nightingale said the frog that she couldn't trust her good fortune. The frog said that she would prepare her furthermore charge her ostensible expense. That night the songbird sang musically and the frog charged confirmation expense from every one of the creatures that came to hear the melody.

The following morning there was a substantial deluge. Notwithstanding the awful climate the frog constrained the Nightingale to sing however she was unwilling. Likely, the Nightingale was not feeling admirably. The frog and the songbird sang consistently six hours still she was shuddering and her voice had turned out to be unpleasant and hazy. In the mean time, the frog made the Nightingale practice hard and continually reprimanded and mishandled her, with a goal to break her soul. The baffled Nightingale sings, burst her veins and bites the dust. 

The Frog and the Nightingale Summary

The unsympathetic frog expelled her off - calling her 'idiotic'. He summed up the Nightingale was excessively anxious and inclined, making it impossible to impact, henceforth bringing her own defeat. Presently, the frog by and by sings around evening time in his swamp.

The author Vikram Seth, shrewdly gives us a message of the significance of fearlessness and good strength in his sonnet, 'The Frog and the Nightingale'.

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