Sunday, 14 May 2017

Comprehension Questions of I Will Do It

1.What is the ultimate aim of the bright student? 
2.His heart sank in sorrow. Whose heart sank in sorrow? Why? 
3.How did Murthy react when his father refuse to send him an IIt? 
I Will Do It Possible Comprehension Questions

4.TheAuthor calls Murthy an introvert, which action of Murthy substantiate this claim of the author about Murthy? 
5.What, according to Narayana Murthy can change the life of a person? 
6.What was his father? 
7.Where did the bright ones want to join? 
8.Did they any special books for entrance? 

9.Was he able to succeed in joining IIT? 
10.Why was the teenager disappointed? 
11.Whose dreams had burnt to ashes? 
12.Did he ever share his feelings with his friends? 
13.Why were his classmates leaving for Madras? 
14.Why did we go to Railway station? 
15.Who were already at the station before the writer? 
16 why were they excited? 

 17.What were they discussing? 
18.Why did not he participate in the discussion? 
19.What did he do when the train was leaving the station?


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