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Villa For Sale By Sacha Guitry Summary

Juliette wants to sell her villa, but is really disappointed that no potential customer has walked that way. The sign "for sale" has been there for a month, but the villa did not seem to interest anyone. Juliette confesses to her servant that she was so far-fetched that she would do anything to snatch the unfortunate place from her. She begins to doubt that it is reasonable to ask two hundred thousand francs. 
VILLA FOR SALE By Sacha Guitry short notes
VILLA FOR SALE By Sacha Guitry Study Material and SUMMARY

The villa was located near French Hollywood and was in a reasonable condition but no one seemed interested in buying it. Meanwhile, the maid asks Juliette to give her a coup de grace because she was offered the role of maid in a film. Juliette was surprised to discover that the maid was going to earn a hundred francs just for a day's work. The maid surprises Juliette in suggesting that even she could act as a cook and earn some money. Juliette is surprised to know that the whole locality was busy taking on one role or another in the films.

Villa For Sale Short Notes

As Juliette retires to relax, two clients, Jeanne and Gaston are introduced by the housekeeper. They are a young couple. From their conversation, it is evident that the wife Jeanne is more eager to buy the villa. She wants to buy it for her parents and her sister's family. Gaston is very enterprising, very insightful and he is least interested in making investments for his wife's family. Meanwhile Juliette makes an appearance. She claims to be very proud of her villa and announces by itself that the villa is perfectly suited to the personality of the guests. She flattered the young couple, calling them "exceptional" that the villa was according to their taste. 
Juliette raises the price, then returns it to two hundred thousand francs and pretends to do a favor to the couple. Gaston is totally irritated by now and it is very clear that he does not intend to buy the villa. On leaving, Jeanne expresses the desire to see the upper floor. Juliette and Jeanne go upstairs.

Villa For Sale By Sacha Guitry Notes

Gaston takes care of the custom when the maid takes another client, Mrs. Al Smith. Mrs. Al Smith makes Gaston the owner of the villa and expresses her desire to buy the villa. Initially, Gaston contentedly snatched the conversation, but his business instincts were awakened when he discovered that Mrs. Al Smith was really interested in buying the villa. Mrs. Al Smith was an actress. She wanted to buy this villa to make a new home near Hollywood. She has a lot of money but does not have time to inspect the house or go into details. 

Gaston quotes three hundred thousand, and to his surprise the lady hands him the check and makes a quick start. Meanwhile, Jeanne and Juliette come back. Jeanne was astonished to discover that Gaston had changed his mind in a short time. He gives a check for two hundred thousand to Juliette and goes out, smiling to himself, with his wife. The transaction had been very useful, Gaston laughed at himself.


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