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Summary of The Bishop's Candlesticks  By Norman Mckinnel 

The plot of the work revolves around a story that brings up themes of religious virtues such as love and redemption. The play dramatically describes how the bishop's love and compassion provoked a change of heart in a convict and made him a man of promise for a good life. The Bishop was a kind man, that being a true Christian was also an ardent humanist. He was willing to sacrifice everything to help people in need. 
The Bishop's Candlesticks By Norman Mckinnel Study Material and Summary
The Bishop's Candlesticks By Norman Mckinnel Study Material and Summary 

Short Notes Of The Bishop's Candlesticks  By Norman Mckinnel 

Even after selling everything, he had felt, for others, pity that he could do so little, while the world had so much suffering. He sold his saleros and handed the money to Mere Gringoire so that he could pay his rent to the sheriff. His sister. Persome was as always a worldly woman, not as selfish as her brother and not so noble. He did not like that his brother lived for others and not for himself. She thought that people took an unfair advantage of their charitable nature. But the Bishop thought that if the people pretended to be in trouble and cheated, then they were poorer in spirit and not he. 

The Bishop's Candlesticks  By Norman Mckinnel Notes

His door never closed and opened for all. One night, when the bishop was about to go to bed, a convict entered the house. At the tip of his knife he asked the bishop for food. The bishop was undisturbed. He called Persome and asked him to give the convict some dinner. The convict wondered why the bishop kept his doors and windows open and whether or not he had fear of thieves and thieves. The bishop told them that he was not afraid, but that he felt sorry for them, since they were only poor sick. He treated the convicted with all the love and respect as he also regarded him as a sufferer. I considered him a friend and a friend. His attitude had some effect on the convict. 

If we treat a man as a beast, then he becomes a beast. If we treat a beast as a man then he becomes a man. A man is what we think he is. The convict told the bishop how he was caught by the police while stealing some food from his sick and hungry wife. He was captured and sentenced to ten years in prison. The authorities ignored the fact that he had only stolen to feed his sick and hungry wife, Jeanette. They regarded him as a born criminal and treated him like a beast for ten years. Then one day he escaped, but the society did not treat him better. Since he was a prisoner, no one would give him work. The police pursued him. I was running away from them hungry. So he stole again for food. Thus, society with its wrong attitude, did not give the opportunity to lead a good life. Then he entered the bishop's house when he was hungry. The bishop-type was touched and gave him a bed to sleep. 

The bishop went to sleep. Left alone in his bed, the convict could not resist the temptation to steal the bishop's silver candlesticks. He took them and left the house. As he left, the door slammed shut. Persome got up at the sound and found out that the convict had stolen the silver candlesticks and was gone. Persome reacted violently. She screamed and was very upset. The bishop is also upset, but blamed for exposing the convict to temptation. The bishop regretted losing the candelabra that his mother gave him. But as a true Christian, he felt that he was responsible for the condemned's behavior. By keeping them in front of him, he had led him into temptation. 

The Bishop thought that the candelabra was worth much. It is a sin to get addicted to wealth. Finally, the candlesticks could be of some use to the convict and what had happened had happened for good. But the convict was arrested by the gendarmes along with the candelabra. The sergeant saw the convict sneaking up and arrested him. They recognized the bishop's lampstands and brought him back to him. But the bishop said that the accused was his friend and that he himself had given him the candlesticks. The police sergeant freed the convict and left. 

The convict was overwhelmed by the love of the bishop and now he is convinced that the bishop was kind and affectionate. He regained his faith that there can be goodness in men. He regretted stealing the candelabra. He felt that he was once more a human being and not a beast. The gentle bishop told the secret road to Paris and gave him the candlesticks

Candlesticks were an agonizing gift from the bishop's mother. They reminded her of her. But when the convict received them as a gift, they become symbols of hope and life. The convict would now believe in the goodness of life and lead a stable life. He asked him to remember that the body of man is the temple of God. The convict was already a changed man and promised to remember the last words of the bishops and left.


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