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Study Material and Summary of A Dog named Duke NCERT Class 9th

In 1953, Chuck Hooper did everything for him. He was a strong, well-built young man, bubbling with energy. He worked for a chemical company as Zonal Sales Manager. He lived a happy life with his wife Marcy and a four-year-old Doberman named Duke. 
Summary of A Dog named Duke By Williams Elli
Summary of A Dog named Duke By Williams Elli

One autumn evening driving home he met a car accident. He was partially paralyzed because of a brain injury. He was depressed and asleep at the hospital. Chuck's wife who did not like Doberman moved their duke dog to a kennel.

After a long stay in the hospital, Chuck returned home. He was unable to stand because he was partially paralyzed. He felt very lonely at home. So Marcy brought Duke back from the kennel. From the first day the Duke understood the difficulty of his master, and never left him alone. Duke always tried to comfort his master.

Short Story Of A Dog named Duke

Both, Hooper and Duke used to look at each other throughout the day. Chuck Hooper was lost in thought. Duke could not bear Chuck's misery and began to sting and push his master with the intention of causing his master to react. Duke guided his master to get up from the wheelchair and literally pushed him to walk. Initially, Chuck walked very slowly holding the dog's leash. Little by little, Chuck began to walk alone. Progress was slow and he was able to walk around the neighborhood. Now, the neighbors of the street watched the pace of Chuck's progress.

Then, one day, Chuck and Duke walked to a rather distant intersection. Chuck also entered the local branch of the company. This surprised all the staff. He started working for a few hours at first. Later, he achieved his goal of working full time in his office. All the time Chuck was guided by his faithful duke dog. Now, Chuck had no time for physiotherapy and was completely dependent on Duke.

One evening, the Duke was hit by a car and taken to the Animal Hospital by Marcy. He suffered serious injuries. At the hospital, he received a good treatment, but he could not survive. A week ago, Chuck was promoted to the position of Deputy National Sales Manager. It was Duke's tribute to the headquarters of the chemical company.


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