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The Dear Departed Summary And Analysis

The play "The Dear Departed" presents an interesting situation that tragically becomes a common place in the world today. The scene of the play is placed in the living room of a small house in a lower middle class neighborhood of a provincial town. 
Summary Of The Dear Departed Class 10th
Summary Of The Dear Departed Class 10th

The setting of the room reveals that the tea table has been removed. Mrs. Slater, a plump and active woman, is in mourning and is preparing to receive guests. She beckons to her daughter Victoria, who is ten, and asks her to turn into something sober. 
It is revealed that Victoria's grandfather died and that the Slater family is preparing to receive Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Ben. Victoria is pleased with this news because her aunt and uncle have not visited them for years. Mrs. Slater reveals that they came to talk about the business of the grandfather, hearing his death. Meanwhile, Mr. Slater enters. He is a heavy man who is dressed, he is also in mourning outfit.

The Dear Departed Short Notes

Henry Slater is skeptical of whether Elizabeth will come, for the last time Mrs. Slater and Elizabeth quarreled, she promised not to go to their house again. Mrs. Slater gives Henry new slippers from her father. She also intends to remove the new office from the grandfather and transfer it to their room, before Elizabeth and Ben arrive. The husband and wife, lock the front door and move the desk and put their old dresser there. 

Victoria wants to know why they were stealing things from grandfather, but her mother told her to remain silent. The grandfather's new clock is also withdrawn. Meanwhile, the grandfather moved and moved. After a while, Mr. Abel Merryweather enters and is surprised to see his other daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Jordan. He reveals that he was fine and just had a slight headache that he notices Henry wearing his new slippers and takes them. Abels wants to know, why all were in mourning. Mrs. Jordan makes a story to appease him. Abel Merryweather enjoys tea and has a generous slice of apple pie. 

He snickered and scolded Mrs. Slater for removing her desk. Ms. Jordan is agitated and accuses her sister of stealing her father. The husbands also join their wives by laying charges against each other. Abel discovers his death. He speaks directly to his daughters and declares that he will change his will and that all the money will go to that in whose house he dies. 

The two girls fight each other to keep their father. Abel is having fun and watching all the fun. Finally, he makes his announcement that shocks everyone. On Monday he would go to the lawyer and change his will, then he would go to the insurance office and pay his premium. After that, he went to church and married Ms. Shorrock. Everyone is shocked. 

Abel reveals that he eventually found someone who was happy to keep him. He goes out with an invitation from his wedding. He also thanked Mrs. Slater for moving the desk down the stairs for now, it will be easy to route it to "Ring-O-Bells".

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