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Study material and Summary of The Brook By Alfred Lord Tennyson NCERT Class 9th

Summary of the Poem The Brook 
In this poem, the creek plays the role of narrator and describes its journey.
The creek starts its journey from somewhere in the mountains, which are home to birds like "coots" and "heron" and eventually reaches the "flowing river". On its way, it passes through many hills, crests, towns, villages, bridges. 
Summary of The Brook Poem By Alfred Lord Tennyson
Summary of The Brook Poem By Alfred Lord Tennyson 

The movement of the creek is sometimes powerful and strong, sometimes quiet. It makes its way by eroding the banks, across cultivated, uncultivated land and forelands. The creek is also home to many kinds of fish and is full of willows, mauves and flowers. It also provides a meeting point for lovers and the surface to swallow to foam. Its torrid water serves as the background for the dance of the sun's rays.

The Brook Poem By Alfred Lord Tennyson Study material and Summary

The stream proceeds on its journey slippery, slippery, slippery, dancing, persistent, gushing. The moon, the stars make him murmur. On its way, it overcomes many obstacles and obstacles, but reaches its final destination in the end. 
The journey of the stream becomes parallel to the journey of human life. The poet makes a reflective commentary which highlights the continuity and eternal existence of the stream to the transitory nature of human life. The poet wishes to emphasize that just as ups and downs do not dissuade the stream from his journey, so also human beings must take the obstacles and pains in their stride.


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