Friday, 23 June 2017

Comprehension Questions Of Or Will The Dreamer Wake 

Or Will The Dreamer Wake Comprehension Questions are useful for preparing Comprehensions. Read thoroughly the poem Or Will The Dreamer Wake and prepare some more Comprehensions.
Or Will The Dreamer Wake Comprehension Questions
Or Will The Dreamer Wake Comprehension Questions

1. Why does the poet say that these cubs could be the last ones ever to freely live and to roam and mate?
2.'She waits for all the life she's making'. What does the poet convey through this line?
3.Why does the thrush weave her nest?
4.'The child could sing the final whale song,' says the poet. Why does she say so?
5.The poet says 'This could be our last true moment' (last stanza). Is it true? In what way(s)?

6.What do you think the poem is about?
7.What does the grandchild in this poem symbolize?
8.Who is the dreamer here? Who is being referred to?


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