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The Snake and The Mirror Comprehension Questions And Answers

Hi Friends! I am here with The Snake and The Mirror Comprehension Questions. You can practice after listening to the lesson The Snake and The Mirror. I have given 25+ questions
for practice.
The Snake and The Mirror Comprehension
The Snake and The Mirror Comprehension

Comprehensions Of The Snake and The Mirror 

1. What did the snake do the doctor? 
Ans: The snake coiled around his left arm above the elbow and spread out its hood’
2. How far was death from him?
Ans: Death was just three or four inches away from him.
3. Find a word from this passage which means the same as “stretched”.
Ans: Spread.
4. Why did the author not jump, tremble, and cry?
Ans: The author did not jump, tremble, and cry because a snake had fallen on his shoulders.
5. Did the snake bit the speaker? What was his reaction?
Ans: No, the snake did not bite the speaker. He said, “Oh!” He had a sigh of relief as he was not bitten by the snake.
6. What does the word “tremble” from the above lines mean?
Ans: Shiver.

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7. Where did the snake move its head?
Ans: The snake moved its head towards the mirror.
8. Why did the narrator call it the “first snake”?
Ans. The narrator called it the “first snake” as it was the first snake he had seen which enjoyed itself looking into the mirror.
9. Find a word in the lesson that means ‘look at with pleasure and satisfaction’
Ans. Admiring.
10. Where did the snake settle after uncoiling from the writer’s arm?
Ans: The snake settled in the writer’s lap after uncoiling from the writer’s arm.
11. Why did the snake move towards the mirror?
Ans: The snake moved towards the mirror to have a closer look of its image.
12. What does the word “slithered” mean? 
Ans: Crept.
13. Why did the narrator want to remove his things?
Ans: The narrator wanted to remove his things as he wanted to leave his house because of the fear. of the snake.
14. Why was there little to carry?
Ans: There was little to carry because thieves had stolen his things.
15. Write the opposite of “friend”
Ans: Foe.
16. What did he do after coming into the room?
17. What clothes did he have with him?
18. How did the narrator earn his living?
19. What did he do after coming into the room?
20. What kind of weather was it?
21. What kind of sound did he hear?
22. Why did he light a kerosene lamp?
23. Why did the narrator of “The Snake and the Mirror” fantasize a fat woman as his wife?
24. Why did the snake leave the doctor’s arm?
25. What made the doctor utter “Death lurked four inches away”?
26 What were the two important decisions taken by the doctor while looking into the mirror?
27. What did the doctor do by seeing the snake?
28. What type of woman did the doctor want to get married to and why?
29. What did the doctor think of while he was seated before the mirror? 
30. Why did the doctor run away from his house? 
31. How did the doctor show the presence of mind when he encountered the snake?
32. While looking into the mirror, what important and earth-shaking decisions did the doctor make?
33. How did the snake change the writer’s opinion about himself?


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