Tuesday 18 May 2021

YES / No Questions In Our Daily Life

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered 30 + Simple YES / No Questions For Daily Life. After practicing these YES / No Questions In Our Daily Life, Please do share it with your friends.

30 + Simple YES / No Questions For Daily Life
30 + Simple YES / No Questions For Daily Life 

30 + Simple YES / No Questions For Daily Life

1. A: Can you ride a bicycle?

B: Yes, I can ride a bicycle.

2. A: Can you write with your left hand?

B: No, I can’t write with my left hand.

3. A: Can you speak Telugu?

B: Yes, I can.

4. A: Can you speak English well?

B: Yes, I can.

5. A: Can you speak Tamil?

B: No, I can’t

6. A: Can you read any English book?

B: No, I can’t.

7. A: Can you drive a car?

B: No, I can’t drive a car.

8. A: Can you swim?

B: No, I can’t swim.

9. A: Can you climb a tree?

B: No, I can’t.

10. A: Can you answer to this question?

B: Yes, I can.

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11. A: Can you say some names of birds?

B: Yes, I can.

12. A: Can you say some names of animals?

B: Yes, I can.

13. A: Can you play cricket?

B: Yes, I can.

14. A: Were you absent yesterday?

B: Yes, I was absent yesterday.

15. A: Were you present yesterday?

B: Yes, I was present yesterday.

16. A: Was Divya absent yesterday?

B: Yes, she was absent yesterday.

17. A: Were you in the class yesterday?

B: Yes, I was in the class yesterday.

18. A: Do you get up early?

B: Yes, I get up early.

19. A: Do you like Idli or Puri?

B: Yes, I like Idlies.

20. A: Do you tell lies?

B: No, I don’t tell lies.

21. A: Do you go to school on Sunday?

B: No, I do not go to school on Sunday.

22. A: Do you go to school regularly?

B: Yes, I g to school regularly.

23. A: Do you like your school?

B: Yes, I like my school.

24. A: Do you play in the evening?

B: Yes, I play in the evening.

25. A: Do you live in a village or town?

B: I live in a village/town.

26. A: Do you like to watch TV programmes?

B: Yes, I like to watch TV programmes.

27. A: Do you read news paper daily?

B: Yes, I read news paper daily.

28. A: Do you like to learn English?

B: Yes, I like to learn English.

29. A: Do you celebrate Teacher’s day in your school?

B: Yes, We celebrate teacher’s day in my school.

30. A: Have you finished your home work?

B: Yes, I have finished my home work.

31. A: Is your house big or small?

B: My house is big.

32. A: Are you always late to school?

B: No, I am never late to school.

33. A: Have you a color TV or back and white TV?

B: I have a color TV


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