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50 Sentences In Simple Present Tense 

Hi friends! In this post, I have given 50 Sentences In Simple Present Tense. I hope These Examples are useful to you. 

50 Sentences In Simple Present Tense
50 Sentences In Simple Present Tense

Simple Present Tense

This tense is used for daily actions, universal truths, facts, historical events and planned actions.

Sub + V1 + S/Es + .............. . (Simple Present)

1.I go to grammar class every day.

2.I start learning English.

3.He always plays cricket.

4.I visit Hyderabad.

5.She watches TV.

6.He waits for me.

7.I Select this frock.

8.It troubles his cycle.

9.I walk daily 2 kilometres.

10.I drink coffee.

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11.She comes to my house.

12.My friends listen to music.

13.She drinks tea every day in the morning.

14.Hanish watches TV.

15.She eats biryani.

16.They speak Hindi.

17.I catch the ball.

18.He breaks the glass.

19.He writes a letter.

20.She draws paintings.

21.Akansha cuts my finger.

22.She comes to my house.

23.He helps so many people.

24.He blows the candle.

25.He drives a car.

26.I choose the dress.

27.I find my clothes.

28.I feel the smell.

29.She swims in the pool.

30.He hits me.

31.I get a mistake.

32.I go to a movie.

33.I do my homework.

34.He forgets my mistake.

35.I hear your voice.

36.She pays the bill.

37.He rides the bicycle.

38.She lies every time.

39.I Lose a book.

40.My Friends see the beach.

41.He runs so fast.

42.You sell the dress.

43.You raise the voice.

44.You win the match.

45.He throws the phone.

46.I understand the problem.

47.I write a poem.

48.She reads novels.

49.She says a secret.

50.He saves water.

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