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50 Sentences Of Present Perfect Tense 

Hi friends! In this post, I have given 50 Sentences Of Present Perfect Tense. I hope These Examples are useful to you. 

50 Sentences Of Present Perfect Tense
50 Sentences Of Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Tense 


Sub + have / has + V3 + ............... .

----> have / has

'Have' is used with plural subjects.

'Has' is used with singular subjects.

1.I have finished all my work.

2.Hanish has eaten chocolate.

3.She has forgotten her folders.

4.I have given the answer.

5.I have had a mistake.

6.She has overcome her problem.

7.Bindu has advised me.

8.I have spoken in English.

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9.They have written letters.

10.My friends have taken juice.

11.Daneshwari has sung a song.

12.I have learnt many things.

13.I have gotten a chance to speak.

14.Akansha has hidden chocolates.

15.He has blown a balloon under the table.

16.I have needed some things.

17.Hanish has beaten me.

18.I have apologised to my father.

19.She has allowed to party.

20.My friends have amused me sometimes.

21.My friends have vacated the room.

22.I have advised to my sister.

23.You have afforded this bike.

24.It has appeared like a new car.

25.Chiranjeevi has acted in 150 movies.

26.She has attended the function.

27.He has admitted to the hospital.

28.I have boiled eggs.

29.He has boarded the train. 

30.Bindu has believed in me.

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31.I have seen a picture.

32.He has bounced the football.

33.He has escaped from the police.

34.CM has extended the lockdown.

35.I have lost my bike.

36.I have chopped vegetables.

37.She has married this year.

38.Akansha has completed the homework.

39.I have posted the letter.

40.I have carried the phone.

41.We have booked movie tickets.

42.She has spread the news.

43.Ravi has confused every time.

44.I have withdrawn from this election.

45.She has combed her hair.

46.I have utilized this class.

47.I have completed my work.

48. Ravi has travelled to Tirupathi.

49.I have repaired the mixer.

50.You have sold our books.

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