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50 Sentences Of Present Continuous Tense

Hi friends! In this post, I have given 50+ Sentences Of Present Continuous Tense. I hope These Examples are useful to you. 

50+ Sentences Of Present Continuous Tense
50+ Sentences Of Present Continuous Tense 

Present Continuous Tense

This tense is used for the action which is going at the time of speaking.


Sub + is / am / are + V1 + ing + ............... . (Positive)

Sub + is not / am not / are not + V1 + ing + ..... . (Negative)

Is / Am / Are + Sub + V1 + ing + ........... . (Interrogative)

Isn't / Amn't / Aren't + Sub + V1 + ing + ........... . (Negative Interrogative)

-----> is / am /are

1.I am begining the class.

2.She is going to movie.

3.She is breaking the flower pot.

4.My daughter is studying well.

5.We are asking the questions.

6.I am reading books.

7.We are blowing the bellons.

8.She is eating food.

9.My friends are arranging the tables.

10.She is calling me.

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11.They are drinking water.

12.He is changing dress.

13.I am jumping into the pool.

14.Akansha is painting pictures.

15.I am freezing with snow.

16.They are listening to music.

17.You are growing very fast.

18.He is playing cricket.

19.He is riding a bicycle.

20.Bindu is driving a car.

21.Daneshwari is singing a song.

22.My friends are ringing the bell.

23.I am looking at the mango.

24.Latha is braking the glass.

25.Srujana is speaking softly.

26.I am cleaning the floor neatly.

27.I am going fast to Dmart.

28.They are meeting today.

29.He is throwing the books.

30.Suresh is writing story books.

31.My friends are talking politely.

32.Akila is playing chess.

33.We are taking a picture.

34.He is looking at rainbow.

35.She is wearing a new dress.

36.Rakesh is reading news.

37.My friend is getting ready for a movie.

38.He is running on the track. 

39.I am tearing a paper.

40.The volunteer is collecting the papers. 

41.I am riding a bike.

42.Hanish is asking the questions.

43.David is always smiling.

44.I am catching the bus.

45.I am wearing a new dress.

46.He is finding a book.

47.Usha is producing a movie.

48.Rupa is teaching well.

49.He is posting a card.

50.I am hiding a bottle.

51.Akansha is jumping on cot.

52.Hari is holding my hand.

53.Sindhu is folding the clthes.

54.Daneshwari is preparing biryani tastly.

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