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Summary of The Thief's Story Ruskin Bond

Hi Friends in this post, I am explaining Thief's Story Summary Class 10 English By Ruskin BondRuskin Bond's Thief's Story is more than a thief tale. The story focuses on basic human values and relationships. It is easier for a thief to stutter a greedy man. It is difficult, even for a thief, to harass a careless and honest person. A young boy befriends Anil. 

The Thief's Story Summary CBSC Class 10 English | Footprints without Feet Book Lesson-2 Summary

Anil trusts him completely and employs him. Does the boy deceive his trust?  The story is that of a fifteen-year-old thief. He used to change his name every month to stay ahead of the police and former employers. This time his name was Hari Singh. The other person Anil in the story is a 25-year-old writer. The thief one day meets Anil and asks him if he can work for him. The story reveals how the thief deceives Anil into committing theft but later retreats.

Anil was a 25-year-old writer. I’ll live with you with carelessness. I'm still trying to sign up for Gagner as a director or director. One day, Anil watched the match in Wrestling. He married Hari. Use a weekly form to flatten the person. Anil impresses with his impressive and promising quiz, to add numbers and is to cook savory dishes. Maintenance, assembling the lived happily.
The Thief's Story Summary CBSC Class 10 English
One day, Hari saw that Anil had brought a bunch of notes. Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting: Come on in, take a look at the features that are a part of this handset: The décor to fly Anil is new this year. After having dinner, Anil slept calmly. Hari slipped over to the bed and slipped his hand under the mattress. Here are the notes and the other fled from there. I'm going to the train to board the train to Lucknow. But, he missed it. Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting: Il please and Hari Singh updated their mobile number.
Here and there is a confusion in his mind. No wanted to betray Anil's faith. On top of that, Anil gave us the app é Cry and j add a number for the current transform his life. I'm not going to quit. He came to the field and sat down on the bench. Just right now, heavy rains were falling. A cold wind was blowing. It's sent by a couple of people who seem innocent. His shirt and pajama stick to his body because it was wet because of the rain.

Hari Singh changed his mind. The return to Anil and keep the money under the pillow. I'll attend the game and return to the agent. The next morning, he broke up a bit late and Anil had already made his tea. Anil offered Hari Singh Rs. 50 saying he had deserved it. Here you can see the exact days now regulation. Hari kept the note in his hand. He realized that our note was still molded by the rain from last night. Hari learned that Anil had come to know his misdeed but there was no sadness, color, or culprit in his mind.


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