Friday 2 July 2021

In spite of / Despite Exercise

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered  In spite of / Despite Worksheet With 'Be' form, After practicing In spite of / Despite Exercise, Please do share it with your friends.
In spite of / Despite Worksheet With 'Be' form
In spite of / Despite Worksheet With 'Be' form

In spite of / Despite Worksheet With 'Be' form

1) He was fat but he ran fast. 

2) She is blind, But she walks quickly. 

3) They were strong yet they lost the battle. 

4) She is weak but she is courageous. 

5) She was ill but she attended the meeting. 

6. He was a young lad. Yet he fought very bravely. 

7. The river was deep but the boy swam across.

8) The language of the book was very difficult. But the young girl could read easily. 

9) The boy was very young yet the concert was great. 

10.Rani was weak but she went to the office.

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In spite of Worksheet With 'Be' form Answers

1.Inspite of being fat, he ran fast. 

2.In spite of being blind, she walks quickly. 

3.In spite of being strong, they lost the battle. 

4.Despite being weak, she is courageous.

5.In spite of being ill, she attended the meeting. 

6.In spite of being a young lad he fought very bravely.

7.Despite the river being deep, the boy swam across.

8.In spite of the language of the book being very difficult, the young girl could read easily. 

9.Despite the boy being very young, the concert was great. 

10.In spite of being weak, Rani went to the office.

Note: With in spite we have to use of means "In spite of" whereas with "Despite" we should not use "of". 

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