Wednesday 7 July 2021

Wrongly Spelt Words Worksheet

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Wrongly Spelt Words Exercise, After practicing Wrongly Spelt Words Worksheet, Please do share it with your friends.
Wrongly Spelt Words Exercise
Wrongly Spelt Words Exercise

Wrongly Spelt Words Exercise

Find the wrongly spelt words and write their correct spelling.

1. curtain, vigorus, plump, vulgar         Ans: Vigorous

2. precocius, prepare, telegram, quarrel Ans: Precocious.

3. enough, stright, affairs, fetch         Ans: Straight

4. tail coat, bowler trougers, upstairs         Ans: Trousers

5. moustach, slippers, stretch, drawer Ans; moustache

6. appeal, bureu, bargain, chair         Ans: bureau

7. handsome, repeat, mantil piece, shocked Ans: mantel piece.

8. shabby, delicate, stupified, suppose         Ans: stupefied

9. repeated, flushed, staggar, pretty Ans: stagger

10. ornament, mourn, jally, usher         Ans: jolly

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11. anouncement, particular, survey, kettle     Ans: announcement

12. except, furniture, upstares, faded Ans: Upstairs

13. decide, ocasion, solemn, chest Ans: occasion

14. furniture, valuable, insurence, merry Ans: insurance

15. snug, drunken, promise, jewelery. Ans: Jewellery

16. church, `reciept, length, sniff         Ans: receipt

17. bussiness, purpose, certain, scared Ans: business

18. examine, crazy, relactant, cling Ans: reluctant

19. transfix, silly, stockinged, obvius         Ans: obvious

20. premium, riveal, length, brisk         Ans: reveal.

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