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English Vocabulary ‘Say’ and ‘Tell’ Exercise

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered English Vocabulary ‘Say’ and ‘Tell’ Worksheet, After practicing English Vocabulary ‘Say’ and ‘Tell’  Exercise, Please do share it with your friends.
English Vocabulary ‘Say’ and ‘Tell’ Worksheet
English Vocabulary ‘Say’ and ‘Tell’ Worksheet

Fill in The Blanks with‘said’ or ‘told’:

1. Madhuri ______________ that she would join us the following day.

2. Sonia ______________ me that she was going to Hyderabad.

3. Junaid ______________ us that he couldn’t come to the party.

4. Dilnawaz ______________ that he had been to the cinema at the weekend.

5. Juli ______________ them she wanted to quit.

6. Dravid ______________ he was going to arrive at eight.

7. They ______________ that they didn’t want to come here.

8. He ______________ her he wasn’t impressed.

9. Bharathi ______________ Rani that she was leaving on Sunday.

10. We ______________ that we were going on holiday the following week.

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11. Jyothi ______________ him that she would be in Spain this week.

12. We ______________ that we hated mushrooms.

13. Latha ______________ she loved chocolate.

14. I ______________ I was meeting Babji today.

15. They ______________ us they were going to the picnic that afternoon.

16. He ______________ he wouldn’t help us.

17. I ______________ them that I’d do a favour.

18. Balu ______________ it would be finished.

19. They ______________ us that they were very busy.

20. He ______________ me that he should do some more work on this report. 


1. said 

2. told

3. told 

4. said 

5. told 

6. said 

7. said

8. told

9. told 

10. said 

11. told

12. said

13. said

14. said 

15. told 

16. said 

17. told 

18. said 

19. told 

20. told 

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