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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Study Material and Summary of The Solitary Reaper NCERT Class 9th

The poet orders his listener to see a "lonely Highland lass" harvest and sing alone in a field. He says that anyone who passes by here should stop here, or "pass gently" so as not to disturb her. As she "cuts and binds the grain," she "sings a melancholy strain," and the valley overflowed with her beautiful and sad sound. 
  Summary of “The Solitary Reaper” by William Wordsworth

Monday 19 June 2017

Summary of Lord Ullin's Daughter  NCERT Class 9th

Summary of Poem Lord Ullin's Daughter
The poem "The daughter of Lord Ullin" is a ballad that tells the tragic story of two unhappy lovers whose story ends in a tragedy.
Study Material and Summary of Lord Ullin's Daughter NCERT Class 9th
Study Material and Summary of Lord Ullin's Daughter NCERT Class 9th

Monday 5 June 2017

Summary and Analysis of The Seven Ages of Man by William Shakespeare

The poem begins with life compared to an immense scene where we are only actors. Each person has an entry into the world at birth and leaves it to death.

According to Shakespeare, each man plays several parts during his life. On the stage of life, every man has seven acts. The first act of man is childhood. At this point, everything the baby does is cry and vomit on her nurse's knee. After passing through his childhood, he emerges like a schoolboy who hangs his bag on his shoulder and slips most involuntarily into school.
summary of Seven Ages of Man
summary of Seven Ages of Man

Sunday 14 May 2017

Summary of The Frog and The Nightingale by Vikram Seth

The frog and the  Nightingale is idyllic tale with a parody on the human conduct. The sonnet begins with the frog that sat under a Sumac tree and croaked throughout the night in a boisterous and disagreeable voice right from nightfall to first light. Every one of the animals despised his voice. Their grumblings, abuse and brickbats couldn't prevent him from croaking unshakably. Nothing could smash his assurance.

At that point, one night a  Nightingale came flying and sat on the branch of Sumac tree. She began singing in her pleasant voice. They all got totally immersed in the songbirds' tune and continued taking a gander at the sumac tree where the Nightingale was sitting. Ducks and herons swam towards the Sumac tree to hear the songbird serenade. Some desolate animal even sobbed listening to her melody.
Summary of The Frog and The Nightingale NCERT Class 10

Sunday 26 February 2017

Oh I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth Summary 9th Class

The poem begins with a regret from the poet who wishes that she had cared for her teeth when she had been eating too many toffees, sweet sticky food and gobstoppers. She wishes that she had taken care of her teeth and had spotted the perils under it while brushing. She also wishes that she had more tooth than filling and she had bought something harmless with her money apart from the sweets.
   Oh I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth By Pam Ayres Summary Class 9
Oh I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth Summary

Study Material {Summary} of Song of the Rain NCERT Class 9

Summary of the Poem Song of the Rain
The poem is written in the first person, and the rain itself is the orator. It is described as something divine and characteristic of the gods.
Rain is a divine gift of God and it is very blessed for the dry and needy earth. One of the most divine manifestations of nature, it spreads joy and freshness all around. He embellishes, adorns and raises fields, trees, flowers and spreads life everywhere. Its droplets are like shimmering pearls and jewels of the crown of God. It gives joy in all its forms, the thunder announces its arrival and the rainbow signifies its departure. 
Song of the Rain Kahlil Gibran Short Notes
Song of the Rain Kahlil Gibran Study material and Summary

Villa For Sale By Sacha Guitry Summary

Juliette wants to sell her villa, but is really disappointed that no potential customer has walked that way. The sign "for sale" has been there for a month, but the villa did not seem to interest anyone. Juliette confesses to her servant that she was so far-fetched that she would do anything to snatch the unfortunate place from her. She begins to doubt that it is reasonable to ask two hundred thousand francs. 
VILLA FOR SALE By Sacha Guitry short notes
VILLA FOR SALE By Sacha Guitry Study Material and SUMMARY

Summary of The Bishop's Candlesticks  By Norman Mckinnel 

The plot of the work revolves around a story that brings up themes of religious virtues such as love and redemption. The play dramatically describes how the bishop's love and compassion provoked a change of heart in a convict and made him a man of promise for a good life. The Bishop was a kind man, that being a true Christian was also an ardent humanist. He was willing to sacrifice everything to help people in need. 
The Bishop's Candlesticks By Norman Mckinnel Study Material and Summary
The Bishop's Candlesticks By Norman Mckinnel Study Material and Summary 

Saturday 18 February 2017

 Patol Babu, Film Star By Satyajit Ray Summary CBSC Class 10

Patol Babu lived in Kanchrapara and worked in the railroad production line. Be that as it may, because of the war he lost his nine years of age employment. At that point he attempted numerous employments he began assortment shop however he fizzled then worked in a Bengali film yet confronted some issue with the executive. So he cleared out that film then his cousin offered him to join scrap press business. 

Once when Nishikanto Babu came to Patol Babu, he let him know that his brother by marriage Naresh Dutt who works in film business required a short, uncovered headed man of the age fifty for his film. Furthermore, Nishikanto Babu recommended the name of Patol Babu.
 Summary of Patol Babu, Film Star NCERT Class 10

Saturday 11 February 2017

Class 10 CBSE English Literature Reader Fiction Virtually True Summary

'For all intents and purposes True' is a sci-fi. The story depends on intelligent psycho-driven recreations. One day Michael, the storyteller of the story, read an article in the daily paper about "Marvel Recovery". It expresses, "A kid whose condition was basic yet stable had been recuperated from coma."Michael recollected that the kid who he had perused in the news paper was none other than SEBASTIAN SHULTZ whom he met about weeks back in the PC Games.

Virtually True Summary Class 10th English

Michael's dad who was an aficionado of PCs got him another PC from the PC reasonable in which most recent innovation Games were preloaded. When he played the diversions, he entered Sebastian's memory. In the principal amusement named WILD WEST, Michael met a Second Sheriff whom he needed to spare, however the Second Sheriff got shot by the lowlifess. Later On, he got a printout saying I 'm Sebastian Shultz take a stab at playing Dragon Quest.
 Summary of Virtually True NCERT Class 10

Percy Shelley: Poems Summary and Analysis of "Ozymandias"

The principal individual beautiful persona expresses that he met an explorer who had been to "an old fashioned land." The voyager let him know that he had seen an incomprehensible yet destroyed statue, where just the legs stayed standing. The face was soaked in the sand, grimacing and scoffing. The stone carver deciphered his subject well. 

There additionally was a platform at the statue, where the voyager read that the statue was of "Ozymandias, King of Kings." Although the platform told "powerful" spectators that they ought to watch out at the King's works and in this manner give up at his enormity, the entire territory was simply secured with level sand. All that is left is the destroyed statue.

"Ozymandias" is a fourteen-line, measured rhyming poem. It is not a customary one, nonetheless. Despite the fact that it is neither a Petrarchan piece nor a Shakespearean poem, the rhyming plan and style take after a Petrarchan work all the more, especially with its 8-6 structure as opposed to 4-4-4-2.
Summary of Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Sunday 5 February 2017

Study Material and Summary of Julius Caesar NCERT Class 10th

Julius Caesar is the account of a man's close to home difficulty over good activity, set against a background of political dramatization. Julius Caesar, a capable general and a champion, comes back to Rome in the midst of monstrous prominence subsequent to overcoming the children of Pompey. The general population commend his successful return and he is offered the crown by Mark Anthony which he won't. Desirous of Caesar's developing force and perplexed he may one day turn into a tyrant, Cassius incites, an intrigue to murder Caesar

He understands that to pick up authenticity according to the Romans, he should win over the honorable Brutus to his side, for Brutus is the most trusted and regarded in Rome. Brutus, the romantic joins the trick, feeling everybody is driven by thought processes as respectable as his own. Incidentally, Caesar is killed at the foot of Pompey's statue. 
Julius Caesar William Shakespeare CBSE Class 10 Summary

Friday 27 January 2017

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge Summary

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Part 1 Summary and Analysis
This sonnet is about the story of an antiquated sailor. The sailor is sharing his experience of a long voyage. The sonnet begins with the amusing occurrence of the old mariner getting hold of young fellows so he could get an open gathering of people for his story. 

The same number of you may have encountered, the youthful folks are prepared to appreciate the wedding function for which all have come yet the old man is attempting to recount to them a long story of his past enterprise. Such demonstrations of recounting the tale of a former time by an elderly individual generally show up entirely exhausting to the general population of more youthful era. 
Summary of The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

Class 10 CBSE English Literature Reader Fiction "The Letter" Summary

"The Letter" is a touching story of Ali who is in solitude and sits tight for his lone girl's letter for five long years. He gets that letter just at his grave.

Coachman Ali was a splendid seeker  who got delight from the dread of the withering flying creatures. In any case, his girl abhorred his barbarous chasing wish. After his little girl's marriage, he was allowed to sit unbothered. His little girl, Miriam left home with her significant other, a warrior in a regiment in Punjab. Having comprehended the significance of adoration and partition, he could no longer appreciate the shouts of biting the dust fowls. Hence, he quit chasing.

From that point forward, he had been frequently going to mail station in the early morning expecting a letter from his little girl Miriam. Notwithstanding, it did come and he returned home frustrated. The mail station staffs regularly ridiculed him. The assistant even got out his name; tongue in cheek even there was no letter for him. All of a sudden, for a few days, Ali did not go to the mail station. Everybody was interested to know the explanation for this.
Summary of The Letter NCERT Class 10

Friday 4 November 2016

Summary of the poem "Not Marble Nor Gilded Monuments

This 55th work of William Shakespeare tells about the confinements of common greatness and glory. All the considerable landmarks, commemorations and statues raised by rulers, rulers and the rich to sustain their memory are liable to rot, decimation and disintegration.

The desolates of time and the specialists of devastation wreck and harm every single such landmark and dedications. Just the capable rhyme of the writer and extraordinary verse will survive the assaults of time. Through the composed expressions of this lyric, writer will deify the memory of his companion till the day of the Last Judgment.

Stanzas Explanation

Stanza 1: The writer tells that whether it is marble or gold plated landmarks of awesome rulers and lords, all will get demolished however the superbness of his verse is alive until the end of time. Time is contrasted with a whore, who loses her sparkle and magnificence with time. Shakespeare thinks about time unfavorably to a female subject.
Summary Of Not Marble Nor Gilded Monuments

Summary Of How I Taught My Grandmother to Read Class 10

Character Sketch 
Sudha Murty: The Authoress is a twelve year old child. She has been living with her grandparents in a town of north Karnataka. Her grandma is uneducated along these lines, she used to peruse a novel serial that consistently distributed in a week by week magazine to her grandma. Later, she showed her grandma to peruse Kannada letter set. 

Krishtakka: The Authoress' grandma, is an ignorant lady as she never went to class. She couldn't read claim so she used to listen the novel serial by her granddaughter and after she talk about the story with her companions. She was absolutely a religious lady and exclusively devoted herself to god. Later, she learnt to peruse Kannada letter set with the help her granddaughter. 
Summary Of How I Taught My Grandmother to Read

Class 10 CBSE English Literature Reader Fiction "The Shady Plot"

A Shady Plot is a short phantom story by Elsie Brown. The story manages the presence of otherworldly and profound things. 

The author, John Hallock was encouraged by Jerkins to compose another apparition story for his magazine. Normally John was loaded with thoughts however that day he couldn't make a begin. He began conversing with himself. At that point, all of a sudden he heard the apparition Helen's voice. He was shocked. 

She talked in the interest of the considerable number of individuals who had swung to phantoms and cautioned the essayist to prevent from calling them regularly. She said they were all going to require a strike. This strike was to not to show up or give thoughts to individuals to composing apparition stories. Hence, Helen cautioned the creator not to include himself in Ouija Board's action or some other which would mean calling the spirits. 
 Summary of A Shady Plot NCERT Class 10

CBSE NCERT 10th English -Mirror- Summary

In this lyric the writer, Sylvia Plath clarifies how the reflect is our actual reflection and can be our best faultfinder. She embodies the reflect by making the reflect the storyteller of the ballad. The Mirror states that it is silver in shading and correct in appearance. It holds no sentiment about the articles that precede it.

In contrast with human the Mirror does not have any feelings like love or contempt. The Mirror demands that it is not pitiless but rather just honest. It is pleased that it reflects only the truth. The Mirror cases to be God's eye that sees a protest from every one of the points. At the point when there is nobody taking a gander at The Mirror, it for the most part intercedes taking a gander at the inverse divider which is pink and exhausted.
 Summary of Mirror NCERT

Monday 31 October 2016

The Brave Potter Possible Comprehension Questions | Unit-2-C

Hi Friends! Are you searching for The brave potter Possible Comprehension questions? You are at the right place. I hope These The brave potter Comprehension Questions are Useful to you.

1.Why did the old tiger run for shelter?
2.What did the tiger think the mysterious creature was?       
3.What made the potter angry? What made him more angrier?
4.Why did he allow himself bound around the neck with a thick rope?
5.Pick out the word that means ‘to fall asleep’
6.How was the old hut in the forest?
7.Who was ‘he’? Why was he wet and cold?
8.Why did the woman complain about the leak?
9.What was the leak according to the tiger?
10.Why was the tiger tired?
11.Who said these words? Why?
The Brave Potter Possible Comprehension Questions

Thursday 20 October 2016

A brief summary of "Two Gentlemen of Verona" by A.J Cronin

The author and his companion had been driving near the city of Verona, when they were stopped by two small boys who were shabbily dressed, selling strawberries. The author’s driver cautioned the author against purchasing the fruits. The boys were very skinny but their eyes were sincere and attracted attention. The author took an instant liking for these boys and ended up buying their biggest basket of strawberries. 
Summary Of Two Gentlemen Of Verona By AJ Cronin

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